Gadget / System Canes

The selection of gadget canes gets better, the new gadget canes have arrived - please see the selection below.

Enjoy the new selection of gadget canes.


Gambler's Cane 2

A wonderful gadget cane for the gambler and dice player, the ivory top has coloured cards and die marked all round and on the lid top, the inside which has a velvet base houses 6 ivory dice, all the dice are well used but still readable, The collar is white metal, probably silver but no marks other than a very faint name - J PRIMROSE. A lovely cane, good condition but obviously well used for gaming, late 19th century, very early 20th.

Open Top Cane


Nut Cracker


Burglar's Cane


Blitz Torch


Weighing Scales

C1900 malaca gadget cane the handle removes to reveal a brass salter weighing scale, good condition


Late 19th century mother of pearl monocular gadget cane, raised on a calamander shaft.  optics by Aitchinson & co, London and Provinces (pre Dollond & Aitchinson). The lenses have clouded over the years otherwise in excellent condition throughout, overall length 35 3/4"

Folding Seat

A gadget cane which has a  leather folding seat on a cane with locking mechanism.  The seat is in excellent condition and is tooled with the words " RICHARD LORANG,  ARMES ET MUNITIONS, MERSCH"  After a somewhat lengthy research I believe that this cane was made to be on display or sold from the Lorang Brothers gun shop in Mersch, Luxembourg. The brothers were Richard and Henri (also known as Henry Lorang-Simon) Henri becoming a well known author. Mersch is also famous for the Schwartz Freres gun and ammunition factory.The handle is carved into a somewhat dubious looking hoof, but the whole piece is in excellent condition, with a slight amount of age wear.

Cigarette Cane

C1935, a bamboo shaft gadget cane that holds a container for 9 cigarettes of a shorter length than today's cigarettes. very nice piece, overall good condition.

Tailors Gadget Cane

Late 19th c gadget cane comprising of a malaca shaft and an ivory knop with a hidden compartment.  The small lid unscrews to reveal an ivory thimble and bobbin with thread.  Excellent condition throughout.